Music Festival
at the brooklyn mirage

99 Scott Ave, Brooklyn, New York
August 1st, 2015 · 3pm - sunrise

The Lineup

Also Featuring

Jacques Green • Gilligan Moss • GrandMarnier • The DEEP (NSR B2B David Kiss) • Dirk Largo • Cara Stricker - DJ A-ROCK • Lola Langusta • Lord Fascinator • SOFI TUKKER

The Brooklyn Mirage

Full Moon Fest will celebrate its five-year anniversary in a brand new location: the Brooklyn Mirage. Surrounded by 20 foot high living walls and adorned with tropical flora, euphoric misters, and beach sand, the Brooklyn Mirage is a true oasis. A lush urban jungle with both indoor and outdoor spaces, the temporary pop-up reveals panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline and presents a canvas for a live music experience like never before seen.